October 25, 2020

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Regenerative Sciences

7 min read

At the request of the FDA, the DOJ is suing for permanent injunctions against two stem cell clinic firms, U.S. Stem Cell, Inc. and California Stem Cell Treatment Center (and for the latter, its parent chain of around 100 clinics, Cell Surgical Network). What does this big development mean in practical terms and how might it play out? For some discussion and potential answers, I turned again to Professor Patricia Zettler of George State University School of Law, an expert on stem cell oversight, the …Read More

3 min read

What can clouds tell us about a stem cell legal court case strategy such as USA v. Regenerative Sciences? It turns out, quite a lot. In about a week a Federal Appeals Court Case will begin to review the ruling in the USA v Regenerative Sciences that favored the FDA. This is arguably one of the most important stem cell-related court cases in years and could have as far reaching implications as the Sherley v Sebelius Case, but of course in a different way. …Read More

2 min read

Regenerative Sciences, Inc. just announced in a press release (PR) that John C. Malone (pictured above in their PR), Ph.D. has “joined the Regenexx Team”. Malone has infused the restive stem cell company with millions in cash. Regenerative Sciences is the adult stem cell company run by Dr. Chris Centeno of the Centeno/Schultz Clinic that is locked in a high-stakes lawsuit with the Federal Government over the degree to which the FDA can regulate autologous stem cell treatments. For more background on Centeno’s perspectives on stem cells and …Read More