August 12, 2020

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Richard Burt Northwestern

2 min read

A list of stuff for your weekend reading enjoyment ranging from research pubs to news to commentary. Electrical Stimulation Steers Neural Stem Cells. Way to go UC Davis team; see image at right. Stem cell therapies: medical experts call for strict international rules. A team calls for global efforts. Stem cells in court: historical trends in US legal cases related to stem cells by Leigh Turner and co-author Andreia Martins Martinho. Risking her life to save it: Local woman tries stem cell transplant to control MS. …Read More

3 min read

2,000 is a big number. As of this week I’ve now published 2,000 posts here on The Niche since I started back in early 2010. I can’t quite believe it myself. To celebrate that milestone, I have revamped The Niche in terms of its organization and style with the help of a very skilled web developer. You might have noticed some of these changes around here. I hope you like them. The site should be speedier for one thing. We are also nearing another …Read More

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Happy science Friday and here’s a TGIF list of recent stem cell news and papers. The FDA warning letter to Richard Burt of Northwestern related to noncompliance issues with his stem cell clinic trial for MS has dominated the news recently, but some other notable things have happened as well on stem cells and more generally in science. I’ve posted some notable news bites below. More insights on molecular mechanisms of control of cancer stem cells and potential ties to metastasis from Nature paper …Read More