January 20, 2021

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Rick Perry Celltex

2 min read

Former Texas governor Rick Perry, now the Trump Department of energy (DoE) nominee, has a long association with the Texas stem cell clinic, Celltex. He was a patient of Celltex, which some years back infused Perry with non-FDA approved stem cells. The company received a warning letter from the FDA and since that time has sold its stem cells in Mexico away from FDA oversight. Perry has been a long-time supporter of Celltex.More recently he has served on the Celltex board and reportedly earned $175,000 …Read More

4 min read

Dear Governor Rick Perry, Yesterday I came down very hard on you in a post for your visit to the Scripps Research Institute in California and the video that was made about it. (2020 update: Rick Perry is still plugging Celltex after 8 more years!) Maybe I was a bit over the top… However, it got me thinking. I believe in all seriousness that you could make Texas an international leader in stem cells. As much as I personally and professionally believe in embryonic stem cell …Read More