October 20, 2020

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Over at Health in the Global Village, Leigh Turner yesterday published an excellent piece updating us all on the latest news on Korean stem cell company RNL BIo (알앤엘바이오) and its leader, Dr. Jeong Chan Ra (라정찬 ). Addition: The story was reported in several Korean news outlets including Hani here.  A video here by MBC News of Korea, one of the top 4 News outlets in Korea, also reports on the case. Of course Ra is not guilty of any of this unless proven so in court, but this sure …Read More

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It has been a tough year for Korean stem cell biotech RNL Bio in my opinion. It is involved in litigation with former patients and its former partner, Celltex. It is also reportedly under investigation by the Korean Government for alleged stem cell smuggling. The stock of this publicly-traded company has also been battered. On Friday alone it reportedly plunged 15% (the maximum daily limit for a decrease). Thus, it seems likely to dive further on Monday. Reuters also reported that trading in RNL …Read More

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The Korean-based stem cell biotech, RNL Bio, which also does business in the U.S. as RNL Bio and Human Biostar Inc, reportedly (seems to be a press release, PR) has filed an investigational new drug (IND) application with the Korean FDA (KFDA). The purpose of the application is to test the efficacy of autologous adult stem cells for the treatment of cerebral palsy. In the PR, it says the trial would treat up to 45 children using a product called RNL-AstrostemTM given intravenously (IV). By way of …Read More

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One of the most important elements of science is critical reading of papers. Most of us come into science as undergrads feeling somewhat naive about what we read in papers. Our default tendency is to believe most or all that we read as “true”. As we get more experienced, we realize that in fact if anything it is the opposite. We have to view papers very skeptically. And as we get wiser we realize the weaknesses present in even the best papers and how …Read More