January 20, 2021

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2 min read

The  unproven stem cell clinic StemGenex appears to now be called Advanced Cell Medicine. StemGenex is facing a proposed class action lawsuit by patients and it also recently received an FDA warning letter. StemGenex is notable too in that it seemed to be considering taking some extreme action against perceived critic websites including potentially the California Stem Cell Agency, CIRM. Could it be trying to put some of the past behind it? A reader of The Niche tipped me off in the comments recently …Read More

1 min read

Need a fix of some stem cell good news? I do. It has been a bumpy 2016 so far for the stem cell field and many challenges have popped up. So today at lunch and needing at least a short break from grant writing,  I went looking for stem cell good news including interesting studies, promising trials, and frankly things that just sound unusual or even weird. I’ve listed these below. Have a good weekend…you know what I’ll be doing: working on my grant. If …Read More