July 6, 2020

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If you write about science on the web such as a blogger (e.g. me here on The Niche), chances are that your work has been used by someone else without your permission. What can you or should you do about that if anything? This re-use can range from what turn out to be appropriate occurrences to outright, harmful plagiarism. Just in the past few weeks I have had to deal with multiple, different instances of other websites using text from my blog posts without permission. For …Read More

1 min read

One of my goals is promoting evidence-based medicine and science-based medicine that is in the best interest of the community including patients. Below is a list of recommended reading for you including mostly blogs, but also other resources that should be on your regular must-read list. Some are stem cell-focused, while most are broader. California Stem Cell Report Cell Therapy Blog CIRM Research Blog DrugMonkey Blog EuroStemCell Blog Health in the Global Village Isis the Scientist Life as an Extreme Sport Respectful Insolence RetractionWatch …Read More