Did blogger DrugMonkey drop the mic?

One of the blogs I’ve really valued over the years was written by a pseudonymous academic blogger called DrugMonkey, but for two months the Monkey’s blog has been silent.

Has he called it a day? Dropped the mic after successfully having big impact?

What’s the deal?


After many years could it be that the DrugMonkey decided to move on to focus on other things? He provided valuable, no-B.S. perspectives on science and in particular on NIH funding. There was also the occasional post on the science of drugs that gave that blog and blogger his name.

One of the commenter’s on DrugMonkey’s last post, many of whom have been lamenting the possibility of the end of that blog, noted that he is still very active on Twitter.

Maybe he’ll be back to the blog eventually?

DrugMonkey’s disappearance from his blog has made me think more about my own blog. I’ve been at this blog more than 7 years and on the web with various websites for about a decade. You can read more about my web history here. If DrugMonkey is done or even just taking a blog sabbatical, I’m curious what was the deciding factor.

I still find the educational outreach on this blog to be a meaningful, positive thing to do despite being crazy busy overall. While there are many potential or even concrete risks, especially for me blogging as myself by name about often controversial subjects including reporting on stem cell clinics that have at times even threatened me, I continue to feel strongly about keeping this effort going.

Cool biomed blogs you may not heard of: a drugmonkey, a med student, #CRISPR, & more

Science blogging is somewhat of a communal exercise. At least, it should be and cool biomed blogs are a great community.

One of the most invigorating aspects of blogging is finding new blogs that are worthwhile and edgy.

The NodeBelow I list some of my recommendations for blogs that you might not be familiar with, but that you should definitely check out.

DrugMonkey Blog. A go-to source for perspectives and a reality check on NIH funding, careers, and sometimes a bit about drug science. Whoever DrugMonkey is, s/he is awesome. @drugmonkeyblog

Innovative Genomics Initiative (IGI) Blog. The IGI is Berkeley’s fantastic gene editing and genomics group that includes Jennifer Doudna and Jacob Corn. Jacob writes the IGI blog and his posts are definitely worth reading including many insights on CRISPR. @igisci 

The Node. Love stem cells and developmental biology? Then you’ll love The Node (symbol above), the timely web offering of news in this arena that feels very much like a blog from the folks who bring us the wonderful journal Development@the_Node 

Nerds Eye View Blog. UC Davis Medical Student Fiona Scott (pictured)Fiona Scott is funny and irreverent as she writes this edgy blog about medical school and more. Many of you will enjoy this site. @Nerdseyeview22

STAT. While STAT is not a blog, it is my vote for the best new biomedical science news outlet of 2015. It has a stellar group of science writers who also seem to have some of the best insider sources. You’ll often read about cool new developments here first. @statnews