October 22, 2020

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What is stem cell media? When us scientists hear the phrase “stem cell media” we usually think about the liquid food that we feed our stem cells in the lab, which resembles a kind of nutrient-rich Kool-aid, but another kind of stem cell media consists of the news coverage of stem cells. This other kind of stem cell media does a service in education the public, but it sometimes goes astray to engage in hype or get things factually wrong. This media mess may …Read More

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Some conditions like Huntington’s Disease are so bad and there are no treatments such that any bit of encouraging news can be cause for legitimate excitement, but at the same time things can go too far potentially, especially if there is news coverage not backed up by a published paper or some other definitive source of data. This kind of situation risks going from science over the line to hype. The splashy news a couple days ago that there may have been a “major …Read More

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One of the biggest claims related to stem cells and in particular to induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSC or IPS cells) of 2015 came just yesterday about growing a human fetal brain. A press release from Ohio State University reports that two of its researchers had grown a nearly full-formed human fetal brain. My initial reaction was, “Wow”, but a very skeptical “wow”. A few past stem cell claims that turned out to be too good to be true have made me even more cautious and skeptical …Read More