paul lab

Lab tour video contest: $100 prize

February 23, 2017 admin 0

What’s your lab like? What do you work on? What are you most excited about? Is your lab hiring? What are your lab traditions? Superstitions? How messy/clean is your lab? You can see a picture of me in my lab […]

egg cracking

Hint for $250 Easter egg in GMO Sapiens #CRISPR book

July 19, 2016 admin 0

Want $250 as well as at least a sliver of science-related glory? Within my new book GMO Sapiens on CRISPR and human genetic modification, I’ve hidden a scientific Easter egg. There’s more Easter egg info over here including the rules. If you […]

CRISPR backronym contest

Enter Fun CRISPR Backronym Contest: $50 Prize

February 9, 2016 admin 12

Update: you can also enter our contest on Twitter using the hashtag #CRISPRback. Do you like contests, words, science, and cash? Enter our new contest. It’s a backronym contest for CRISPR. The author of the best backronym will win a $50 […]

Knoepfler Stem Cell Book

Stem cell image contest: $100 prize

September 7, 2015 admin 0

Science can come in various forms ranging from numbers to words to images. In the stem cell field, some of the images can be particularly striking. One of my own favorites is the one above that I took some years […]