May 29, 2020

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sickle cell anemia CRISPR

7 min read

Making a CRISPR baby is a controversial idea to even propose now for many reasons, yet even after He Jiankui’s train wreck some people have seemed eager to try it including apparently a scientist whose name perhaps many readers here are not so familiar with in this context: Professor Hui Yang. ‘CRISPR baby guys’ Is it really a good time to be pushing CRISPR babies? The original “CRISPR baby guy” He Jiankui was recently sentenced to three years in prison for a variety of actions …Read More

1 min read

Need a fix of some stem cell good news? I do. It has been a bumpy 2016 so far for the stem cell field and many challenges have popped up. So today at lunch and needing at least a short break from grant writing,  I went looking for stem cell good news including interesting studies, promising trials, and frankly things that just sound unusual or even weird. I’ve listed these below. Have a good weekend…you know what I’ll be doing: working on my grant. If …Read More