September 19, 2020

The Niche

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Here are some recommended weekend science reads and links including stem cells, CRISPR, and clones. Woo-Suk Hwang & his dog clones…all started with Snuppy (pictured): Disgraced Scientist Clones Dogs, And Critics Question His Intent.Now in 2020, I wonder where Hwang is and what is he doing?  I’m going to look into it. Human gene editing summit under the microscope of Hurlbut, et al. CRISPR Democracy: Gene Editing and the Need for Inclusive Deliberation New CRISPR partner protein Slices through Genomes, Patent Problems For anyone who grows …Read More

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Cloning of animals is becoming a big, global business. It turns out that this reproductive cloning of animals goes well beyond making duplicates of pets for sentimental customers at $100,000 a copy. Cloning of livestock by agribusinesses is becoming fairly common. Some are also trying to de-extinct woolly mammoths by cloning too, something that I oppose (see top 5 reasons why it might be a really bad idea) even though admittedly it sounds pretty cool. More broadly, factory-scale production of copied animals is an expanding business. …Read More

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Envision biting into a warm juicy burger with all the trimmings. If you are a burger fan, your mouth may already be watering. If you are a vegetarian or animal welfare advocate, however, you might be rather disturbed by this imagery. Now imagine that as you are still chewing a bite of that same burger the server tells you that this beef burger was grown in a plastic dish in a stem cell lab. No cow involved! Would you have a beef with such …Read More

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Occasionally I call out a particularly important comment by a reader on a major issue. Today it is commenter Natalie DeWitt (see my earlier interview with her about her experiences at Nature’s The Niche) who has contributed a particularly insightful, knowledgable comment on my recent perspective piece the Cell cloning paper mishap. Many in the stem cell field and beyond have been unsure how to take the news of the problems with the Mitalipov cloning paper in Cell. Are these issues a big deal or …Read More