May 29, 2020

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In some ways it’s hard to imagine that it was only just over 6 months ago that Nature published the two STAP papers by a collaborative team of Japanese and American researchers. It feels like years have gone by since then because so much has happened related to the STAP mess including the retraction of the papers and the tragic death of one of the STAP authors, Dr. Yoshiki Sasai, last week. Where does the STAP story go from here? Is it over? In …Read More

2 min read

What were people saying about STAP cells at the ISSCR 2014 meeting? It was a tale of two meetings when it came to STAP at ISSCR. Officially, bigwigs at the podiums only briefly mentioned it and they seemed to collectively argue that STAP was something unfortunate, but that the bigger danger was the overreaction to it. Thus, remarkably their key concern seemed to be their perception of an overreaction to STAP rather than STAP itself. Outside the lecture halls in the other halls (between …Read More

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I’m hearing from multiple sources that momentum is building in Japan and even inside RIKEN itself for retraction of the STAP cell papers. This whole situation is a tragedy on so many levels and has become a no-win situation, but is it so bad at this point that retraction could possibly be the least terrible of the entirely bad array of options? Why would some folks in Japan and even inside RIKEN think that retraction potentially could be the wisest option? Some RIKEN scientists …Read More