June 5, 2020

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What’s up with STAP cells? Do people belief in them or not? Our STAP poll #8 polling results on STAP are in with more than 1000 respondents. The poll question was “Do you believe in STAP cells?” I will start STAP poll #9 soon. The poll #8 results remain about the same but there has been a slight shift toward more people indicating they are at least leaning positive. Again, recall that this polling is not scientific.

5 min read

The ultimate fate of the two Nature STAP cell papers remains in troubled limbo. One of the senior authors, Dr. Sasai, held a news conference yesterday in Japan that included a call for the papers to be retracted. He was variously quoted as believing in STAP or alternatively as just thinking it was an unproven hypothesis. Whether STAP cells or STAP stem cells are real or not, overall STAP has been a disastrous situation. Can biomedical science learn anything from this STAP fiasco? Maybe…some thoughts …Read More

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Since the STAP Nature papers were published, I’ve been doing a non-scientific Internet poll on the general level of “belief” in STAP. Poll #7 has now closed with 930 votes and a fairly steady level of skepticism for the last month or so. Poll#7 results from amongst Japanese respondents (7J) shows almost nobody in Japan has any positive feelings about STAP anymore. Note that at the beginning of polling, Japanese respondents were disproportionately more positive about STAP. Poll #8 will start soon. It’ll be …Read More

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Dr. Haruko Obokata held a news conference today in Japan about the STAP cell controversy. It was very painful to watch. I’m a softy so at moments I felt somewhat sad for her as I watched, but as a scientist I have to say the STAP situation has been very bad for the stem cell field. And I’m also pretty sure that this press conference did not do the stem cell field or anyone else any good including Obokata. She first read from a …Read More