August 7, 2020

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stem cell advertising

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The local stem cell clinic here in Sacramento, Nervana Stem Cell Centers, continues to advertise treatments in The Sacramento Bee and there continue to be big questions about this situation. I’ve blogged about Nervana before and you can see the archived posts here. Nervana must be spending big money on advertising because they have run many full-page ads in the Sac Bee in 2016. Those aren’t cheap. You can see the latest ad above in this morning’s paper. The focus lately seems to be on …Read More

3 min read

Stem cell clinics are spreading like wild-fire across the U.S. A few months back the Sacramento area got a new stem cell clinic selling amniotic stem cell therapies for a variety of ills including most prominently arthritis and pain. This clinic is called Nervana Stem Cell Center. I first noticed it via a huge ad in our local paper, The SacBee. More recently, Nervana has advertised again in full-page spreads in the SacBee, but going by a different name: Lee Medical Group. Yesterday, I …Read More

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Be my eyes and ears as I look for stem cell ads, especially with hype, that show up in the mainstream media. You might win some cool stem cell swag. When you see such an ad, document it somehow! How? By taking a photo or copying the link if it is on the web or taking a screen shot. Then provide that documentation to me. 2020 update: I’m actually now running an awards program called The Screamers that will “reward” over the top stem …Read More