September 26, 2020

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5 min read

I’m really looking forward to this Saturday’s Berkeley Stem Cell Meeting. You should go! Tickets are just $5 and the lineup is great. This looks to be one of the best stem cell meetings in Northern California this year. Below is my interview with the organizers giving some background and perspectives on the meeting. 1. What is the inspiration for this first conference? Our chapter saw the conference as an opportunity for scientists, policy makers and patients to share not only the advances in …Read More

3 min read

Every now and I then I try to take some time to think about the focus of this blog and the direction it is going. In the most recent case, I got the feeling that perhaps I have giving too discouraged or negative an impression on the blog lately….focusing too much on the challenges and problems, and not enough on the positives. In fact in general, as I stare into a metaphorical stem cell crystal ball, I am quite optimistic about the stem cell …Read More