November 25, 2020

The Niche

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stem cell analogy

2 min read

Patients contact me all the time these days asking about American stem cell clinics. The most common question boils down to “should I get a treatment at clinic X and what things should I think about in trying to make this decision?” I recommend checking out my stem cell treatment guide for patients. In addition, you might consider an analogy to car shopping. I’ve found it is very helpful. Buying a car is a much less serious decision than getting a stem cell therapy, …Read More

1 min read

I’m often asked, “How can I help people ‘get’ stem cells with an analogy?” What are the best stem cell analogies? Here are the ones I’ve thought up that resonated most powerfully in my public outreach including with kids. Stem cells as Transformers. They are cool. They can transform into all different kinds of things. They are exciting. They are mighty. They can do positive or negative.   Stem cells as blank tiles in Scrabble. They can literally be what you want them to …Read More