October 19, 2020

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There’s been an interesting and diverse discussion going on here on this blog lately related to some stem cell translational things including a stem cell clinic operating in Sacramento (see 50+ comments on that post) and then more recently on a new paper from the Centeno clinic. [email protected] Did most (or all) participants in this study pay out-of-pocket for their stem cell interventions? Did $ go to any authors? — Leigh Turner (@LeighGTurner) April 12, 2016 Over on Twitter, Leigh Turner raised the valid point that …Read More

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Medical News Today (MNT) published an article yesterday on a stem cell clinic in Mexico that caused a lot of concern because to many of us it came off as unbalanced and even promotional of the clinic. You can read my post from yesterday on this situation. In response, MNT has now revised their piece and included this statement: “When this article was first published on February 24th, we received criticism that it was promoting the World Stem Cells Clinic. Medical News Today always aim to provide balanced, reliable …Read More