July 12, 2020

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3 min read

Last year an odd pub  made the big claim that the interstitium is a new organ. I didn’t buy that. Now an over-the-top stem cell advertisement that recently ran in the San Diego Union-Tribune (U-T) is piggybacking off of the supposed “interstitium as new tissue” claim to make all kinds of other claims about some mystery “stem cell” pill. You can see a picture at left of the ad that a The Niche reader sent to me. The word “cure” there is like a …Read More

2 min read

For more than a dozen years we’ve subscribed to The Sacramento Bee newspaper here in Northern California. During those dozen+ years, newspapers across the U.S. have been under huge financial pressures. At a science level, one of the terrible results of this pressure on newspapers has been the vast number of excellent science writers who have lost their jobs. Our family is starting to wonder if The Sacramento Bee can survive. I’m a big supporter of local papers, but I’m just about to give up …Read More

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What a strange Internet world we live in these days, huh? Leigh Turner and I just published a piece in Cell Stem Cell on the state of the US stem cell clinic market finding 570 clinics and this paper has drawn a lot of media attention including a piece in Scientific American (Sciam). I’m glancing over that Sciam article just now and BOOM I see an ad for a stem cell clinic appear at the top and it is even one of the ones …Read More