December 4, 2020

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stem cell conflicts of interest

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There’s been an interesting and diverse discussion going on here on this blog lately related to some stem cell translational things including a stem cell clinic operating in Sacramento (see 50+ comments on that post) and then more recently on a new paper from the Centeno clinic. [email protected] Did most (or all) participants in this study pay out-of-pocket for their stem cell interventions? Did $ go to any authors? — Leigh Turner (@LeighGTurner) April 12, 2016 Over on Twitter, Leigh Turner raised the valid point that …Read More

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What are Conflict of Interests (COI)? The term COI is sometimes used inappropriately as a weapon by one party to attempt to discredit others. We see this more and more frequently in the stem cell field with boosters of for-profit, non-FDA vetted adult stem cell clinics attacking scientists for supposed COIs for what…..apparently for simply being a stem cell scientist. Onlookers may be confused about this. Being an interested party or having an interest in a general sense in something like stem cells is …Read More