July 7, 2020

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Something very strange just happened at the journal Nature related to what’s called Muse cells. Kudos to them for dealing with it quickly though. They published an unreviewed research “article” on controversial (perhaps non-existent) stem cells called “Muse cells” that was actually a paid advertisement. After I communicated with the Nature team eventually they ended up pulling down the ad/article as of today. How can a research article be an advertisement? I don’t think it should be possible. An “ad/article”? Of course, research journals run …Read More

2 min read

  Forget retracting a paper, could Paolo Macchiarini try to get a retraction of Vanity Fair piece on his wild personal life an CV? Macchiarini is one of the more well-known stem cell and regenerative medicine researchers, and not always related to good news. You can see read posts I’ve done on him on this blog including this most recent one related to dismissal of alleged misconduct charges. That development had been some relatively good news for the man sometimes known as the “super surgeon”. He …Read More

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Did you eventually get sick of the whole STAP mess and all the baggage that came with it? Stay tuned for STAP 2.0 or perhaps I should say STAP junior. Just as STAP is starting to fade a bit from our radar screens, there is unfortunately a new very problematic stem cell paper situation coming soon that has some parallels to the STAP cell fiasco. As this new STAP junior mess inevitably marches toward blowing up sometime in the next few months in the public domain, …Read More

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I had the pleasure of being interview on the cool nationally broadcast science radio show, Science Fantastic with Michio Kaku. It was great fun! I just listened to it for the first time (I was too busy this weekend when it was live broadcast) and I think it actually turned out great. Who knew? CLICK HERE TO LISTEN We cover all kinds of topics related to stem cells including a human body shop, building new stem cell organs, the kinds of stem cells, and so …Read More