June 5, 2020

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North America is seeing a major bump in actions by regulators against unproven stem cell clinics with a big step up in Canada. The action has sparked quite a bit of discussion and debate. Dozens of Canadian clinics were just told by Health Canada to stop selling unproven stem cells. Some of these clinics sold both stem cells and platelet rich plasma (PRP). Experts up in Canada praised the move even if it seems they had hoped something like this would have come much …Read More

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With a new document released today the FDA is more clearly on a path to regulate dubious stem cell clinics in the US. Update: in the years since this post, the FDA has more concretely defined autologous adipose stem cells as drug products. There are more than 100 such American clinics that are selling stem cell “treatments” to patients and almost all of them use non-FDA approved stem cell products isolated from fat tissue. The clinics have argued that they do not need FDA …Read More

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Guest post by Lisa Willemse Last month, on this blog, Paul wrote an article about loopholes in the clinicaltrials.gov database that allows for-profit companies to advertise their “therapies” under the guise of a registered clinical trial. This is a real concern for our community, especially those among us who have recommended the clinicaltrials database as a source of information for patients who are considering an experimental treatment and wish to better understand the difference between a clinical trial and an unproven, cash-based therapy. Those …Read More

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Stem cell blogs are an increasingly important part of the stem cell field. Today in 2013 it is a far different world for stem cell blogs than when I first had my idea to have a blog in 2009 and when I got it going in early 2010. It was pretty darn lonely back then. Most of the other stem cell bloggers out there at that time were either opponents of stem cell research or promoters of dubious clinics who get a cut for …Read More

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Ben Paylor has made some awesome animated stem cell videos for educational outreach via his project called StemCellShorts supported in part by the Stem Cell Network. These videos are narrated by true scholars of the field and are a very effective means for teaching about stem cells. I really enjoyed them and highly recommend them to you The three in this post are out in the public domain now. Stayed tuned here as there will be more to come in the way of StemCellShorts videos in …Read More