October 20, 2020

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stem cell person of the year 2013

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Who should win the 2014 Stem Cell Person of the Year Award? Who has been the single most important, influential person in the world of stem cells this year? Who has made the biggest positive contribution in 2014? On Monday, October 1, I will start taking formal nominations for the Stem Cell Person of the Year Award for 2014. This will be the third year of the award. Who’s your top candidate on your mind now? It’s time to start brainstorming. Post your ideas …Read More

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Congratulations to Dr. Elena Cattaneo, the winner of the 2013 Stem Cell Person of the Year Award. Her lab studies neural stem cells, particularly as they relate to developing new therapies for Huntington’s Disease. Cattaneo is Director and Co-Founder of the Unistem, the Centre for Stem Cell Research at the University of Milano, Italy. She is also the Director of the Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology and Pharmacology of Neurodegenerative Diseases in the Department of Pharmacological Sciences. Beyond her great achievements in stem cell science, …Read More

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The voting is over and we have our top 12 finalists for the 2013 Stem Cell Person of the Year Award. You can see the final votes results below. It’s definitely an intriguing list that reflects the range of important areas in the field today. I can say without any hesitation that all 12 of them have had major impacts on the stem cell field and I believe are likely to continue doing so. Keep in mind that the voting up until now was …Read More

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Nominations are now open for the 2013 Stem Cell Person of the Year Award. The winner receives $1,000 as well as recognition as a true difference maker and leader in the stem cell field. I found last year that all the finalists received a great deal of positive attention even if they didn’t win and I expect the same will be true this year. Please nominate your pick for the most influential person of the year of 2013 in the stem cell field.  Some …Read More