Poll: How will Trump’s FDA handle stem cells?

Weekend reads: ES cell research polls well, Gordie Howe, MS, IPS cells, and more

Here are some headlines & articles worth a look and some thought on stem cells and biomedical science more generally.Gallup Poll stem cells

Gallup finds in a new poll that 60% of Americans surveyed find human embryonic stem cell research “largely acceptable”.

On the other hand human reproductive cloning is highly frowned upon, sandwiched in the “highly unacceptable category between suicide, polygamy, and infidelity. Notably, even cloning of animals was viewed pretty negatively.

Time Magazine’s piece Friday on Gordie Howe, who just passed away, and his controversial stem cell treatment.

This isn’t hype: Canadian doctors just reversed severe MS using stem cells from Vox. These kinds of “I’m not a….” statements are tricky to read.

Japan to begin transplants using donor iPS cells

Mitochondrial Dynamics Impacts Stem Cell Identity and Fate Decisions by Regulating a Nuclear Transcriptional Program from Cell Stem Cell.

EZH2 and HDAC9c regulate age-dependent mesenchymal stem cell differentiation into osteoblasts and adipocytes from Stem Cells.

Poll: What’s now most exciting in stem cell & regenerative medicine field?

Poll indicates that STAP cells are stem cell story of 2014 so far

What’s the biggest stem cell story of the year so far?

stem cell polls 2014

I did a poll asking just that and the result so far overwhelmingly indicate that respondents believe the STAP cell scandal to be the top stem cell story of 2014 about half way through the year.

You can see the results from the 210+ respondents so far above.

In 2nd place is SCNT-based human therapeutic cloning followed by young blood reversing aging.



Poll: What is the top stem story of 2014 so far?