January 25, 2021

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6 min read

In any given field of biomedical science like stem cell research and regenerative medicine, it’s very useful if you can accurately predict the future. It seems, though, that predictions are far more difficult within the more exciting and rapidly-changing fields. The field of stem cells and regenerative medicine fits that bill. Past stem cell research predictions Still, each year in late December or early January I’ve made predictions for the coming year for stem cell research and regenerative medicine. More often than not I …Read More

3 min read

Hans Keirstead is one of the top stem cell scientists in the world who has been doing cutting edge research including on using stem cells to reverse paralysis where he teamed up with super patient advocate Roman Reed (see the two pictured at right), but now he is also running for Congress. How cool is that? Here is a quick Q&A interview with Hans today (see below). Please consider making a campaign contribution to support his candidacy. He would be amazing as a Congressman! When did …Read More

4 min read

Sometimes in science there are unexpected threads tying seemingly very different things together. Unraveling the knots in these threads can lead to new insights into important developmental processes and mechanisms of disease. My lab studies epigenomic and transcription factors including a molecule called histone variant H3.3 (more here on H3.3). H3.3 binds to the actual thread of DNA to create very different kinds of chromatin states than those made by the more traditional canonical histone H3 family members. Think of H3.3 as the unorthodox …Read More

1 min read

Today the Supreme Court agreed to review three cases, none of which were Sherley v Sebelius. What a great day! For those curious, Certiorari Granted (subheading on Supreme Court announcement) means the Court has granted review of these cases. This is wonderful news for patients, the stem cell field, and probably biotech Advanced Cell Technology (ACT; symbol ACTC). It’s stock was up Friday sharply and is already zooming again today. As much as adult stem cells and iPS cells are great tools for regenerative …Read More