September 19, 2020

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stem cell risks

4 min read

Are you a risk-taker or do you do everything possible to avoid risks? Taking risks in science is necessary, but is there a wise way to take the risks you do? Science and medicine need a certain amount of risk and risk-takers to make transformative leaps forward. The risks in biomedical science can be conceptual (a eureka! moment of a new hypothesis you are going to put out there) or more practical such as inventing a new device or method. As to the former, …Read More

1 min read

Jill Howlin’s drawings about science and policy have a unique, edgy style that packs a punch. I have invited her to weigh in here now and then with new illustrations that touch upon stem cell or other innovative biomedical matters. Jill’s new drawing today relates to some key stem cell issues such as clinical safety, choice of stem cells, homologous use, and more. You can read my post from this week on the myth that stem cells are homologous to all tissues. Jill tells me that she put an Irish humour …Read More

2 min read

What’s the big deal about unproven stem cell treatments, patients often ask me. Why should patients avoid these? Because paradoxically such treatments, intended to cure disease, can have devastating negative consequences for your health. I’m doing an eight-part series, “Eight simple reasons not to get a stem cell treatment”. The first two blog posts were on the risk to lose one’s insurance coverage for specific treatment-related side effects such as sepsis and the general utter lack of patient follow up by these clinics and …Read More