July 10, 2020

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2 min read

A new paper suggests a hopeful short-term safety profile of laboratory-grown stem cells for treatment of arthritis, but there are some important limitations to the study too. A debate continues to bubble over whether to classify laboratory-propagated stem cells as biological drugs. A persistent issue has been whether the growth of stem cells in culture increases risks of negative outcomes for patients including 4 prominent and broadly applicable issues of risk: infection, benign but destructive tissue growth, cancer, and autoimmune reactions. A fifth concern, …Read More

6 min read

When are iPS cell-based therapies ready to be tested in actual people? It’s the million or perhaps even billion dollar question of today in the stem cell field. I realize that perhaps it is also a dangerous question, politically-speaking, for me to ask in a public forum, but patient lives as well as potentially the progress of the entire iPS cell field are at stake. So someone needs to start an open discussion about this topic. People are certainly talking about it behind the …Read More

1 min read

In the comments section of a recent post on adult stem cell treatment safety on this blog, the CEO of RNL Europe, Glenn McGee made the philosophical statement that “silence kills science”. It’s an interesting thought and I think to some extent there is truth in it. Openness, data-sharing, dialogue…these are all good things. In that spirit I invited McGee to do a friendly Q&A interview on my blog to discuss his company RNL Europe. I hope he takes me up on the offer …Read More

2 min read

Just how safe are stem cell transplants? Is an autologous stem cell transplant always safe? Is it really true, as one stem cell transplant doc once said of autologous stem cell treatments, that “the worst thing that could happen is the treatment won’t work”? Are adult stem cell treatments by definition safe? The reality is that there are more questions than answers about the safety of stem cell treatments, and each treatment (depending on the institution, the doctor, and the patient) is likely to …Read More