June 6, 2020

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3 min read

The world is constantly bombarded these days with often-hyped stories of the latest celebrities who got unproven stem cells, including most recently Jack Nicklaus and now Tarek El Moussa of Flip or Flop TV real estate fame. Both these celebs got stem cells for orthopedic kind of health situations, but while in theory stem cells could help such conditions, the jury is really out on that. Celebrities and other public figures have a special responsibility to be extra cautious to avoid any hyping of …Read More

2 min read

Getting a stem cell shot or injection is completely 100% safe, right? An NFL star recently found out just how wrong that stem cell clinic mantra turned out to be. Jordan Reed, tight end for the Washington Redskins, has had issues with his big toe. He apparently thought that a stem cell injection there would be the ticket to a speedier recovery to get back on the field, but according to ESPN and Richmond Times Dispatch, this “shot in the arm” via the shot in …Read More