July 11, 2020

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Remember Nervana Stem Cell Center? This is an amniotic stem cell clinic here in the Sacramento area, which I’ve posted about before here and here. One big question about Nervana remains unanswered: is its apparent marketing of amniotic stem cells for arthritis and other conditions is OK with the FDA? Another question has been, “who are the medical providers at the clinic?” There are indications that these physicians are Drs. Tushar Goradia and Clarence Lee. I first noticed Nervana because of full-page ads in the local …Read More

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I was eating my Sunday breakfast and reading the SacBee, when a full-page ad for a stem cell clinic jumped out at me. I dropped my toast onto the plate and grabbed my iPhone to take a picture. The ad is for Nervana Stem Cell Centers in Sacramento. A little research on their website revealed that they appear to sell amniotic and fat stem cell injections for pain and joint conditions. I’m not convinced that such therapies are safe and effective, but the number …Read More