July 13, 2020

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The University of Utah has a nifty stem cell learning resource called Go, Go Stem Cells! One of the things I like the most about it is that it is interactive. It is also a bit quirky and funny. Both kids and adults will enjoy learning about stem cells this way. I’ve taken a screenshot above to show you the kind of interface. What do you think of Go, go stem cells? Do you know of other stem cell educational resources on-line?

2 min read

If you are a true stem cell aficionado, what are the top stem cell websites for you to bookmark and follow on a daily or weekly basis? I wanted to generate a list. So what are my criteria for top 10 stem cell/regenerative medicine websites? It’s got to be regularly updated. It has to be influential. It has to have broad impact including ideally both science and policy. It has to go beyond facts to include opinions and ideas. As important as they may be, …Read More

3 min read

I’ve now been blogging about stem cells here on The Niche for nearly 2 years, but why do I keep doing it? I’m by no means the only one who blogs about stem cells, but it is just that professors still are reluctant in the stem cell field to blog. Two outstanding blogs that tied for first place in my 2011 stem cell awards are the Stem Cell Network of Canada and Stem Cell Assays, by Drs. Gunn and Bersenev. As I said in my awards post, …Read More

3 min read

One question I am frequently asked by readers and colleagues is “what other stem cell blogs or bloggers can you recommend that are written by a stem cell scientist and updated on a regular basis?” The simple but surprising answer: there are none. It’s lonely out here in cyberspace! (2020 update: The good news today is that there are many stem cell blogs out there in total, but unfortunately some are by stem cells clinics or their advocates and not really active ones by …Read More