August 8, 2020

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Who doesn’t like a good science contest with prizes? There are so many beautiful pictures of cells including some that are stem cell-related out there in journals and on the web. We can find such images are in papers. Sometimes people post such great cell pics on the web too. In the past I’ve run various contests here on The Niche. Perhaps my favorite was a stem cell image contest that attracted some amazing entries (see composite included here). In that spirit, I’m again …Read More

1 min read

Here are some stem cell reads for the weekend, ranging from media to research articles. TGIF! What are your stem cell or other science weekend reads? Let’s start with how difficult it is to make IPS cells from naked mole rats! Naked Mole Rat Cells Have a Stable Epigenome that Resists iPSC Reprogramming. It takes more than OSKM to make naked mole rat IPSCs. Throwing in SV40 LT helps, etc. Regeneration is cool & we are getting to understand it better, Study first to identify the cells …Read More

2 min read

More and more often I find myself chatting with reporters and science writers about stem cells. They want to know more for background on articles on topics ranging from core stem cell scientific issues to stem cell clinics. Over time I’ve realized I’ve been telling reporters and science writers some consistent things that amount to a guide for how to interface with stem cell clinics. At the heart of this is a list of questions I would recommend that reporters and science writers ask …Read More

3 min read

I recently attend a conference in Florida called The World Stem Cell Summit. It was very enjoyable and unique in that it brings together and is open to all constituents of the stem cell world. I gave a couple talks and did an “expert” luncheon at this meeting, but what I enjoyed most was talking with people at the reception the first night and the awards dinner the last night. In my first talk as part of a panel on the stem cell advocacy …Read More