June 5, 2020

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Stem cells: an insider’s guide

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A question that has come up with advances in stem cell technology: could same-sex couples have their own biological children? Since Shinya Yamanaka reprogrammed first mouse and then human ordinary cells into powerful pluripotent stem cells, termed induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, back in 2006-2007 many new research avenues have opened up. The impossible suddenly seemed a lot more possible with the report of iPS cells (aka IPSC). People started asking many more creative questions, The biomedical sciences now had more potential to make the …Read More

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Sometimes you think you know a person and they suddenly surprise you by doing something so different that it is shocking or by taking on a new personality. Cells can be that way too. In my book on stem cells, Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide (you can buy it here on Amazon–it’s very affordable–or also here at the publisher’s site for some international buyers) published last year, great scientific illustrator, Taylor Seamount, and I came up with a new adaptation (see image above) of a classic model …Read More

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The below is an excerpt from my book, Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide. I hope you enjoy this excerpt and the book, which I think is a really good deal at under $27 paperback or under $17 for E-book version. Having our innovation and ethics too In the stem cell field you can have it both ways. As a company, you can be ethical and help patients. There are many examples of stem cell-related corporations doing “the right thing” when it comes to developing …Read More

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Below is an excerpt focused on Alzheimer’s Disease from my new book on stem cells. Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide, which is targeted to a broad audience of people interested in stem cells. Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is one of the most devastating illnesses. It destroys the brain, which shrinks over time (see image from Wikipedia at left) as the disease progresses. The toll of AD is not only measured in hundreds of billions of dollars in health care costs and millions of deaths, but …Read More

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What’s the best Christmas gift for someone you know who is interested in stem cells? How about my new book, Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide. Check out these reviews: Here are the reviews on Amazon The Node The Sac Bee EuroStemCell Signals Blog Forbes The bonus is that it is 30% off if you buy it here from the publisher during the holidays. Enter discount code WSHAPPY30. If you prefer you can buy it at Amazon or for Nook/Barnes & Noble. One fun topic in …Read More

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A big, fat elephant in “the room” of the commercial stem cell field today is something called stromal vascular fraction or SVF, made from human fat tissue or adipose. If you care at all about stem cells or the stem cell field more generally, you had better educate yourself on SVF. You can learn a lot more here and in my new book, Stem Cells: An Insider’s Guide where I extensively discuss SVF, talk about the protocol to make it, and include the nifty diagram …Read More