August 7, 2020

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Haruko Obokata wrote a book about the STAP cell scandal telling it from her perspective. Fom all accounts I’ve seen, she has sought in her writings to shift the blame away from herself. She even claimed she was framed by other scientists. To say I’m skeptical would be an understatement. Will this book have any impact? Many scientists thought it would make a splash and then fade away. Not so, at least so far. At present Obokata’s book is the #1 best-selling book on …Read More

4 min read

What should the stem cell field try to do about cowboy stem cell clinics? By this term I mean those that don’t follow the rules. They shoot stem cells into customers first and ask questions later. I’ve interacted with many patients over the years who are interested in stem cells. This interaction is growing much more frequent. I enjoy interacting with them and have learned a lot this way, but I am often faced with dilemmas. These patients may be facing fatal illnesses or …Read More