October 22, 2020

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Stem cells in Pepsi

2 min read

The venerable, unbiased website, LifeNews.com, reports that Pepsi has responded to the claims that there are fetal stem cells in their beverage and/or that Pepsi uses fetal stem cells for research. Pepsi responded that there are no fetal cells in any Pepsi products and further is quoted: “Thank you for contacting us at PepsiCo. There are no stem cells, cell lines derived from embryos or fetuses, or fetal tissues in any PepsiCo products. The integrity of our products is critical to PepsiCo, and we …Read More

2 min read

What’s the deal with the Pepsi stem cell myth? Does Pepsi have stem cells or ingredients from stem cells in it? No. Does the Pepsi corporation use embryonic stem cells to make Pepsi? No. These are myths. Nonetheless, pro-life extremists have been targeting Pepsi because of these fake connections between Pepsi and stem cells as I have blogged about here and here, where you can go for more interesting, sometimes stunning background on this case. Some pro-life shareholders even went so far as to …Read More

1 min read

Just when I thought that the myths about stem cells, particularly embryonic stem cells, couldn’t get any more fantastic (as in based on fantasy), we have some bright folks out there thinking that soda (pop, coke, pepsi, whatever you call it) is made using embryonic stem cells. The headline goes: Pepsi is using embryonic stem cells to make better sodas. While it is true that the enormous corporation that is Pepsi contributes relatively small amounts of money to study the effects of sugar and possible …Read More