July 13, 2020

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Remember good old Celltex? That’s the Texas stem cell clinic with the famous patient, former Texas Governor and two-time GOP Presidential hopeful, Rick Perry. It ran afoul of the FDA and headed for the border, setting up shop in Cancun, Mexico. They have since mostly flown under the radar with the exception of their concerning partnership with the US Arthritis Foundation and their PR about a pediatric patient. More recently they are bubbling up again with more focus on their patients. For instance, they are …Read More

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I’m rooting on my hometown Seattle Seahawks (4-0) against the Indianapolis Colts this morning. What an amazing game so far. You might think that a stem-o-phile (someone who is a fan of stem cells) can connect anything to stem cells. And someone who is a fan of both stem cells and football can link them together if they work at it. But it doesn’t take that much work. The NFL is grappling with making the game safer, particularly as it relates to acute and …Read More