September 30, 2020

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Superstar soccer/football player Cristiano Ronaldo will reportedly undergo a stem cell treatment procedure to try to mend a hamstring injury. He is one in a long line of sports stars who are taking this gamble. This is reported by the highly rigorous source, The Daily Mail as well as the Independent. The latter quoted his mother about this situation and her son: “He is like his mother. He has a strong personality, he is very proud and he always demands more. This is his worst …Read More

2 min read

I’m rooting on my hometown Seattle Seahawks (4-0) against the Indianapolis Colts this morning. What an amazing game so far. You might think that a stem-o-phile (someone who is a fan of stem cells) can connect anything to stem cells. And someone who is a fan of both stem cells and football can link them together if they work at it. But it doesn’t take that much work. The NFL is grappling with making the game safer, particularly as it relates to acute and …Read More