October 19, 2020

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SVF stromal vascular fraction

3 min read

One of the difficult things about the regulatory sphere that covers stem cells in the US is that many aspects are confusing or puzzling both to the public and so-called experts. We’ve been talking through some of the questions that come up in this area in posts and comments on this blog. What does a warning letter really mean? What triggers it? Why do some businesses selling stem cells get inspected and others don’t? What do some entities get warning letters over the years, while …Read More

4 min read

Some American stem cell clinics that operate without FDA approval can give the appearance of being in the mainstream of academic stem cell research. Sometimes they go a step further to hint at or even say that they have some kind of federal approval as we saw in the past with the Stem.md website. Why do this? Broadly from a stem cell clinic perspective these efforts might pay financial dividends because patients trust the clinics more as a result. For example, some stem cell clinics …Read More