October 25, 2020

The Niche

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IntelliCell BioSciences has had a terrible year. Well, there’s terrible and then there’s terrible! Things seem to be getting worse. For background, I detailed its troubles, ups, and downs here in a previous post. I was just working on a new draft post on the most recent, concerning FDA 483 report on the company, which I will release soon (it was released to me by the FDA last week) in a new post coming up, when I heard the news that reportedly the company is …Read More

4 min read

What the heck is going on with Intellicell Biosystems, Inc. (SVFC, also SVFCE), a stem cell corporation run by Dr. Steven Victor? Why are some on Wall Street seeming so bullish on the company lately? What’s the real story and the facts? What is the key background on this company? Wall Street has been buying and selling this stock in a frenzy of activity pushing volume up dramatically (see bottom chart above from wallstreetnewscast.com) in the last month even as the company has faced …Read More

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Dr. Steven Victor, CEO of Intellicell, seems to have made two comments on a recent blog post I did on stem cell sports medicine (see below). Victor and Intellicell received a warning letter from the FDA in March 2012 with the FDA. I’m not aware of Intellicell publicly addressing the FDA issues. If you have, Intellicell, please let me know. I have emailed Dr. Victor about the current state of affairs at Intellicell and I’ll let you know if he responds. I found the comments from …Read More