August 8, 2020

The Niche

Knoepfler lab stem cell blog

Takaho Endo

1 min read

Here are some recommended weekend science reads and links including stem cells, CRISPR, and clones. Woo-Suk Hwang & his dog clones…all started with Snuppy (pictured): Disgraced Scientist Clones Dogs, And Critics Question His Intent.Now in 2020, I wonder where Hwang is and what is he doing?  I’m going to look into it. Human gene editing summit under the microscope of Hurlbut, et al. CRISPR Democracy: Gene Editing and the Need for Inclusive Deliberation New CRISPR partner protein Slices through Genomes, Patent Problems For anyone who grows …Read More

1 min read

David Jensen reports on the future of CIRM as a “beautiful machine”. CIRM funds brain cancer research in a big way: Funding a clinical trial for deadly cancer is a no brainer. Glioblastoma is a fatal tumor that needs new clinical approaches so this is exciting. One of the goals of my lab is to find new pathways to treat glioblastoma in children. Jacob Corn of IGI has a Wish List for Science on CRISPR science, but also science more generally. The case for possibly retracting a retraction …Read More