January 16, 2021

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With these recommendations I’m aiming for a diverse range of content and perspectives, some of which I may not agree with, but all of which are interesting even if they are beyond research on medicine. Prostate Organoid from Stem Cells. More organoid news. Why Do Glowing Sharks Glow? Not exactly medicine, but a cool piece from Ed Yong. Damn. Inquiry into duplications reveals “multiple” image problems in tumor study in Cell Stem Cell. Comment on Proposed Framework for NIH-Wide Strategic Plan from NIGMS’ Dr. Jon Lorsch BioPolitical …Read More

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It’s Friday! Whew. Do we feel like we can stop for a moment and do something fun enough to say TGIF? What kind of week was it in the stem cell field? What were the good, the bad, and the ugly headlines? Good Study showing hESC used to produce bone. Very exciting and cool study! Team also says they have made bone from iPS cells too. Good No adverse responses in short-term Stem Cell Inc. SCI Trial. Gotta be safe! Good and Ugly CNN …Read More

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I’m going to try to do a new feature on Fridays, a TGIF review of the week in stem cell headlines in the news. What’s the good, the bad, and the ugly? What’s been hyped? It was a busy week in stem cells. The good Prostate Cancer Stem Cells. I’d give the recent wonderful Cell Stem Cell paper on Prostate Cancer Stem Cells the award for stem cell paper of the week and perhaps of the month. A team led by senior author Dean …Read More