May 30, 2020

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Till & McCulloch Stem Cell Meeting 2013

4 min read

What is “radically deterministic” cellular reprogramming? Jacob Hanna’s lab recently published a very high profile Nature paper on nearly 100% efficient iPS cell formation based on targeting a factor called Mbd3. This super efficiency is a major departure from past reported efficiencies. This morning here at the Till & McCulloch Stem Cell Meeting in Banff, Hanna gave an intriguing talk telling us more about his lab’s efforts in this area. He also fielded some incisive questions from the audience (including 2 from me) after …Read More

1 min read

I have made it in one piece to beautiful Banff all the way from Davis, CA. Talk about a change of scene. Davis, CA couldn’t be flatter, while Banff is surrounded by beautiful snowy capped mountains. See image at right from the hotel. Wow. I walked over to the conference center and there was a distinct alpine crispness to the air, while I’m guessing it was 84 degrees in Davis in California’s central valley today. The one thing in common between Davis, CA and …Read More