September 19, 2020

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US stem cell clinics

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It’s been a big 2 weeks in terms of media interest in talking about the upcoming FDA meeting on stem cell oversight taking place in just a few weeks. There are many questions about this meeting and I’m planning to tackle some of the questions in upcoming posts including next week. These questions include, “who are the specific individuals attending and what are their perspectives?” What exactly are all the organizations that are on the agenda and what are they going to say? Another …Read More

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Some recent developments in the stem cell world are worth a look. I’ve posted the headlines verbatim and the links to some of these stem cell news bites below. NIH Plans To Lift Ban On Research Funds For Part-Human, Part-Animal Embryos. NIH may allow funding of human-animal chimeras in certain cases. Stem cell ‘tourists’ flock to Australia. How many stem cell clinics are there in Australia? ICYMI: Leigh Turner and my Cell Stem Cell paper on US Clinics. The stem cell clinic situation in the …Read More

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There has been relatively limited response from clinics themselves to the Cell Stem Cell paper that Leigh Turner and I published recently on the scope of the stem cell clinic industry in the U.S.  We found 570 stem cell clinics and there could easily be 50-100 more that escaped our search methods or that have popped up since we finished our search at the end of February. While not all the clinics necessarily require FDA approval depending on the type of stem cells and …Read More