January 28, 2021

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Witherspoon Institute

4 min read

We kind of take for granted these days that embryonic stem cell research can proceed without any restrictions, at least at the federal level. However, in the early days of blogging here on The Niche the big debate and battle were over federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. Things got very complicated and for a time the funding was illegal. We should learn from this science history because things could easily go back to that restrictive atmosphere again. Science is not in a …Read More

2 min read

What’s the Witherspoon Institute? Most of you know about the 2 scientists who for their own reasons want to kill embryonic stem cell (ESC) research and with it the hopes for millions of people. Relatively new on most of our radar screens, however, is an extremist right-wing “think tank” called The Witherspoon Institute, which I refer to as the “Witherspoon Gang” because of their negative, yet powerful agenda. You know how some “elite” fraternities are in college are very snobby? These Witherspooners are basically …Read More