August 14, 2020

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zombie stem cells

5 min read

Ready for the latest recommended weekly reads in the world of stem cells and the regenerative medicine space including a bunch of important new FDA posts & changes? This post has quite a lot on the FDA since it had a very big week with several new items of major importance to the cellular and regenerative medicine arena. I’ve linked to each announcement below with the agency’s title of the announcements. Underneath I provide some analysis and ask questions. I’ve also included some other stem …Read More

4 min read

The birth-related stem cell clinic industry is a serious problem for patients, the stem cell field, and the FDA as the clinics sell more and more of what I think of as “zombie” injections. One of the biggest changes in the last 2 years in the unproven stem cell clinic arena was predicted by the data that Leigh Turner and I published in one of our collaborative papers in which we saw an upward slope in the number of businesses selling amniotic or other …Read More

4 min read

Ain’t nothing like the real thing…right? No, by the ‘real thing’ I’m not talking about Coke versus Pepsi or Coke versus Diet Coke, but rather stem cells. (On a side note there’s still some people who apparently believe the stem cell myth that there are stem cells in Pepsi). I get a regular stream of emails from patients and sometimes phone calls asking questions about stem cells and especially stem cell treatments, but at times I’m not sure the treatment in question really involves …Read More

2 min read

Some amniotic stem cell clinics seem to be trying to have their cake and eat it too. Generally the amniotic stem cell clinics market their products as “stem cells” and the implication is that living stem cells are used to effectively treat many medical conditions. I have not seen it mentioned that what some of the clinics, perhaps most of them, inject into patients is really a “dead” extract of amniotic membranes instead. Not living cells.  Are the clinics injecting amniotic stem cells or …Read More