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If you get the answer wrong, you may guess again. To get your stem cell smarts ranking click on “get results” after you are done.

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Take our quiz and see how well you do.

8 thoughts on “Take our Stem Cell Quiz”

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  2. Alexander Satchie

    I enjoyed the quiz. This quiz helped me learn more about stem cells, so I can write a better research paper. I think something is wrong with question 36. The explanation says MSC stands for mesenchymal stem cell, but mesenchymal stromal cell is marked as the correct answer.

  3. Hi Paul, nice Quiz.
    You could rephrase the Question 25: “Which of the following is false about human embryonic stem cells?”, which is misleading. Namely, there are now at least 6 or more different alternative methods that enable acquisition of embryonic stem cell lines from the blastocysts, without actually killing the embryo. Just take one blastomere and there you are…

  4. Thank you for providing this quiz. In addition to personal education, your quiz is an effective tool to educate those who are contemplating whether or not they are a candidate for regenerative medicine. Thank you for making a difference Paul, you are appreciated.

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