Podcast for Week of July 5


–Stem Cell Tourism in the U.S.


–Article in the Hill by stem cell opponent

–Stem cell hype on aging


Podcast for Week of July 11


–two papers on stem cell-based tissue engineering and one on stem cell treatments for heart disease,

–the Republican candidates for President

–the media

–the world cup of stem cells (soccer).


Podcast for Week of July 18


–human neural stem cells aid recovery from brain irradiation of the kind used to treat brain cancer

–paper of the week: transdifferentiation of fibroblasts to make functional neurons using just 2 miRNA

–All about Myc and stem cells

–Max KO paper in Cell Stem Cell


 Podcast Friday September 23



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  1. I know this will appear to be self-promoting (and it is, but only), two volumes of “Cancer Stem Cells: The Cutting Edge” and “Cancer Stem Cells: Theories and Practice,” Stanley Shostak, ed., Rijeka, Croatia: Intech Open Access Publisher; 2011, FREE ONLINE are falling between the cracks or dying prematurely for lack of attention in the stem-cell community. I’m particularly interested in response (reaction) to my chapter on “Evolution of Cancer Stem Cells,” but I’m sure the other authors are equally eager for your reaction. Thanx for the posting.

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