January 25, 2021

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Obokata claims she was framed for STAP cell scandal

Obokata press conference
Obokata late presser

The Japan Times has the first detailed account in English about Haruko Obokata’s new book, “That Day”. HT to blog reader Shinsakan. (update: another helpful piece on this from the WSJ).

In the book, Obokata (who was widely blamed for the STAP cell fiasco) seeks to shift the blame to others according to the paper.

Obokata’s book just came out and you can see more details here.

According The Japan Times, in the book Obokata largely blames one of her mentors Teruhiko Wakayama for the STAP cell problems. She even goes so far as to say she was framed:

“Obokata claims in the book that she was “framed” as the individual who mixed in ES cells. She said she received the cells used in the experiments from Wakayama, and directs suspicions at him instead.”

To my knowledge there is absolutely no evidence to support this claim.

I still haven’t heard if the book mentions one of Obokata’s other mentors, Charles Vacanti of Brigham and Women’s Hospital. To my knowledge neither Obokata nor Vacanti have been publicly critical of each other since STAP erupted.

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