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What are stem cells
What are Stem Cells
What are Stem Cells?
Stem cells are unique cells that can turn into other useful cells.
Stem Cell Resources
Resources on stem cell trials & therapies
Fact-checking and expert science-based content
Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Research
Analysis of the latest publications
Stem Cell Blog
Stem Cell Blog
The most authoritative stem cell and regenerative medicine blog on the web.
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  • What are senolytics? Drugs, activator, supplements, risks
    What are senolytics? Drugs, activator, supplements, risks

    As we age a higher proportion of our cells end up in a senescent state, which has sparked interest in senolytic drugs and a broader area called senolytics research. The goal of today’s post is to give you an overview of this important area. How much data are there on…

  • Weekly stem cell reads: bat stem cells, brainier organoids, more
    I’m working to send out a big grant on Tuesday so I’m busier than ever but a few stem cell …
  • Labeled diagram of the skin & skin stem cells in research
    I’ve been teaching Histology here at UC Davis School of Medicine for more than 12 years and I lecture on …
  • Weekly reads: stem cell activator, sleep & stem cells, clonal hematopoiesis
    When people find out that I’m a stem cell researcher, a common question is whether there’s something they can take …
  • What is HSCT & its possible roles in MS treatment?
    Patients regularly reach out and ask me about something called HSCT. “What is HSCT?” and is it proven as a …

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