September 26, 2020

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Month: September 2011

3 min read

I know you care about stem cells and research, but do you know much about epigenetics? You should. If you do not understand epigenetics then you do not understand stem cells. Don’t be put off by the complicated sounding name “epigenetics”. It’s really simple conceptually and below is your easy-to-understand guide. Epigenetics controls nearly every aspect of the biology of every type of stem cell. One of the areas that my lab studies is stem cell epigenetics. While scientists may quibble about terminology, epigenetics …Read More

1 min read

Hi everyone, I’ve recorded a new stem cell podcast for the past week. Topics include the first patient in a CIRM-supported clinical trial, a proteomics paper on iPS and ES cells, stem cell tourism, the CIRM grantee meeting, and big tent team science amongst others.

2 min read

The stem cell field is exciting and the technology powerful. Not surprisingly there is a great deal of intense behind the scenes rumors about various hard to believe developments and news stories that also seem incredible. One such line of gossip was that the FBI was poised to crack down much more severely on dubious stem cell clinics in the U.S. Now more recently we have two more amazing stories that are percolating through the field. First, there is the report that football star …Read More