September 26, 2020

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Month: August 2012

2 min read

I watched some parts of the big speeches at this year’s Republican Convention in Tampa and was struck by a number of things running the gamut from good to bad to ugly. I think Mrs. Romney did a good job on her speech. She came across as likable and someone I can imagine as a first lady. She also helped flesh out the picture of her husband as a person. I also thought that Marco Rubio did a good job even though I disagree …Read More

4 min read

The notion of caloric restriction (CR) as a means to prolong human life is intriguing. The basic idea of CR is that if you eat a lot less than the average person you’ll live longer. You might even live a higher quality, healthier life. But is this true? (update: see my newer post on 5 possible natural stem cell boosts). A whole bunch of scientists and even more dieting monkeys have been part of a very large, very expensive (as in millions of dollars; …Read More

3 min read

What’s gone wrong with the New York Times Science section? One of my dad’s favorite things in life was sitting down on Tuesdays with the New York Times Science Section and a cup of coffee. It was a true pleasure and one that I have inherited from him, although now I mostly read it online. He and I would often discuss the articles and trade opinions on them. I lost my dad 3 years ago and I miss our connection through the NY Times …Read More

3 min read

Sometimes it can get bewildering to try to understand all the different kinds of stem cells. What’s the difference? What makes embryonic stem cells different than adult stem cells than induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells? I can give you technical definitions and you can learn more here in my post “What are stem cells?”, but isn’t there an easier way to understand them? I think we can use an analogy to help. In this the analogy is between stem cells and different athletes in …Read More