Another stem cell website goof: ICMS loses its patient website

ICMSFor a while there this weekend, it had seemed that the upcoming adult stem cell meeting in Houston keynoted by Guv Rick Perry had lost something important.

Its website!


Now that all seems fixed. Whew.

However, a second stem cell-related entity seems to have made the same mistake, but this time it appears likely to be a permanent loss for those involved.

ICMS, the International Cellular Medicine Society, had a webpage specifically for patients. The site even had a great web domain for patients: .

Alas, now if one clicks on the bottom button on the ICMS homepage to go to this website for patient resources, one is taken to what appears to be a Chinese website (see image above) of the entity who now owns the domain name.

Apparently ICMS failed to renew their website. This happened long enough ago that ICMS, unlike the Houston Stem Cell Meeting, is not going to get a second chance to own that website unless they buy it back from whomever now owns it.


One word.


I hope ICMS restores some kind of patient resources web page.